Baghdad and Erbil sign an agreement on exporting Kurdistan's oil

بەلاڤ بکە


Today, Tuesday, the federal government signed an agreement with the Kurdistan Regional Government regarding the export of the region's oil.

An agreement on exporting Kurdistan Region's oil was signed today between the Iraqi Prime Minister, Muhammad Shia' al-Sudani, and the head of the regional government, Masrour Barzani, indicating that "the agreement includes granting the Kurds the position of Deputy General Manager of SOMO Company, and the company handles all the details of the file." oil in the region.

For his part, Federal Prime Minister Muhammad Shia al-Sudani said, during a press conference he held with Barzani in Baghdad, that stopping the oil of the Kurdistan Region had a negative impact on Iraq, stressing that we are working on preparing the oil and gas law to proceed with its legislation.

This morning, Masrour Barzani arrived in the federal capital, Baghdad, at the head of a high-ranking delegation from the regional government. Upon his arrival, he held a meeting with Al-Sudani, discussing a solution to the problems between the region and the federal government, especially discussing the final stages of the agreement on the oil file and the resumption of the region's oil exports.

Meanwhile, Reuters quoted official sources as saying that the Iraqi federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government had reached a final agreement to resume oil exports, to be announced on Tuesday.

A government official in Baghdad said that an official request was sent to Turkey to resume oil exports through the Ceyhan pipeline and "the pumping will resume in the next few hours."

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