GAV TV is a digital media institute, that focuses on events and incidents of Duhok Province and Badinan area. This project contains of website and many social media accounts, numbers of the local journalists work in it and our main office located in Duhok city

We work professionally and equally with the Kurdish language and Badinan accent along with newest information and political, social and public analyzation for people of this area

Because digital media is the best and fastest source that people can see themselves in it, for publishing events and truth, gav tv will always be one step ahead

gav tv started in 26/10/2020 and we got our license from Kurdistan Journalists Syndicate under number (4) in (27/06/2020)


Official GAV TV website: www.gavtv.net

 GAV TV platforms on social media:  Facebook | instagram | TikTok  | TelegramYoutube | twitter

Phone number: +964 07514805600

Address: Dara business complex, Duhok, KRG, Iraq

Email: info@gavtv.net