Oilfield in Kurdistan resumes production at full capacity after a week-long halt

بەلاڤ بکە


After a week-long halt today, Wednesday, oil production resumed in the Hasira field in the Garmian administration within the Kurdistan Region, several days after reducing its production to the lowest level.

A source in the field told Gav, "After eight days of reducing the amount of oil production in the Hasira oil field in Sarqala district of Kifri district, production has returned to normal today."

The source added, "In the past days, the amount of oil production was reduced (4,000-5,000) barrels per day, but today production has been restored to (14,000) barrels per day, which is transported via 65 tankers to the Khurmal refinery in Erbil."

The source pointed out that "reducing oil production in the Hasira field led to a decrease in electricity production at the Garmian power station from 165 megawatts to 20 megawatts, as the field's gas is used to produce electricity at the station."

Yesterday, Tuesday, the Ministry of Electricity in the Kurdistan Regional Government announced that the Erbil-Baghdad oil agreement will restore 330 megawatts to national production.

The ministry had announced a few days ago that stopping the export of oil in the Kurdistan Region caused a loss of 330 megawatts of the total electricity production.