Tent catches fire in Duhok refugee camp, killing a child

بەلاڤ بکە

A young child died after a tent in one of Duhok province’s refugee camps caught fire on Friday, a local official told Gav, blaming an electrical short circuit for the incident.

Ibrahim Fariq, head of Akre civil defence directorate, told Gav that Ronya Hassan, aged a year and half, burnt when her family’s tent in Bardarash refugee camp caught fire on Friday, adding that the child later succumbed to her wounds.

The official also said that initial investigations indicated that the fire was caused by an electrical short circuit.

The camp is located in Bardarash town, housing thousands of refugees from northeast Syria (Rojava).

The tent and the family’s properties were completely burned but the blaze did not spread to other tents.

In the last decade a large number of Rojava people have fled their country to the Kurdistan Region due to the civil war and Turkey’s invasion of their hometowns in the north of Syria.

Fires are a common occurrence in the Kurdistan Region’s displacement camps.

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