Iraq’s Ali Avriki ups the energy with “ Marjan ”

بەلاڤ بکە

Iraqian artist Ali Avriki has dropped off a new single, called “Marjan”. Rising in Iraq’s music scene for his eclectic blend of traditional Iraqian music with modern stylings, Ali has captivated audiences in iraq and beyond. His single “Marjan” continues to engagingly put his own touch on classic Iraqian music influences, with an electrifying joint that cranks the energy to new levels with its vital percussion, powerful vocals, and raw guitars.

The expansive “Marjan” blends traditional Iraqian instruments together to give the song a fierce pace that draws the listener in to the song’s vibrant atmosphere. An exhilarating drum line and infectious bass moor the track, while enticing guitars and colourful flutes give it added flair. As a vocalist, Ali shines through for his powerful, confident vocal style and rich delivery.

“Marjan” finds the artist continuing his pivotal run within the Iraqian music scene, with a memorable track much flair and liveliness that puts his vocal skills on center stage.

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